Introduction: How to Care for a Monstera Deliciosa

Starting to fall in love with Tropical Plants but need help keeping them alive? Well, If you've stumbled upon this Intructable, then continue reading and find out how to care for your Monstera Deliciosa!

Step 1: About

The Monstera deliciosa is native to southern Mexico and Panama. They are usually called the “Swiss Cheese Plant” due to the holes and slits the leaves develop as the plant matures. The word “deliciosa” comes from the pineapple-like fruit it develops when grown in the wild. The iconic splits this plant produces only develops as it matures and the amount of sunlight you give it. Placement of the plant and the amount of humidity it receives are also important to encourage slits for newer leaves. Also, be patient! They will come one day.

Step 2: Water

Before watering, it’s also best to aerate the soil to allow the plant to “breathe” in order to release moisture. When it comes to watering, it’s best to check below the surface of the soil if it’s moist or not. Usually, checking an inch or two down should be enough to determine if the plant needs water or not. Monsteras like to have soil that’s slightly moist, but not drowning wet. Too much water can cause root rot and damage their aerial roots. I usually purchase pots that have drainage holes or keep the plant in it’s nursery pot so I know that the water is properly running through the soil. Having pots with drainage holes help prevent your plant from drowning. I water my monstera at least once a week or once every two weeks depending on the season.

Fall and Winter : Not as often due to the lack of sunlight and also a colder environment. Water at least once every two weeks or so. Always check the soil beforehand!

Spring and Summer: Water at least once a week during warmer seasons due to the plant drying faster.

Step 3: Rotation and Dusting

Rotation: Constantly rotating your plant ensures that it grows evenly and photosynthesizes efficiently. Personally, I usually rotate my plant twice a week.

Dusting: It’s important to constantly dust each leaf and to check the undersides for any pests. Dusting can help prevent pests from calling your plant home. I usually get a soapy wet paper towel and wipe down the leaves. I then dry them with a dry paper towel.

Lastly, every plant and living condition will be different! They will have different needs due to its environment. Always pay attention to your monstera and it’s watering needs.

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