Introduction: How to Carve a Spoon

This is a continuation of my last instructable, in which I covered the bush craft tool kit. In this one I will cover making a spoon.

Step 1: Tools of Choice

The knife will be used for for the shaping of the body of the spoon. The bowl gouge to hollow out the spoon. And the sandpaper for cleaning it up

Step 2: Choosing Wood

Soft wood that is relatively dry and free of knots. I think this is beach wood. for some of the other spoons I used 2x4. the only difference is that the beach carves and cuts better. Using a piece of wood that is about the right thickness will make the process easier because removing thickness is more difficult.

Step 3: Carving Spoon Handle

Its just like whittling a stick. Firstly, mark the general shape with a pencil. Then remove the bulk of the material. Lastly, clean up the final shape round of the front. And make the handle round. the first spoons you make it is hard to make the spoon symmetrical, and may look a little wonky.

Step 4: Hollowing Out the Spoon

When using a bowel gouge is tricky. If the concave is too deep the gouge won't be able to make a clean curve. I suggest practicing on another piece (if its your first time). Its important to remember not to go too deep or risk going through the bottom. It helps if you have something to push the piece against. It is best to go in both directions to make a clean curve.

Step 5: Sanding

I am using 100 grit sandpaper. Sand any rough edges. Finalize the shape of the spoon. Then sand the inside.