Introduction: How to Change Electronic Speed Controller for Your Multirotor.

Simple but detailed step by step instructions in regards to changing over electronic speed controls in hobby level equipment. It has applications in both hobby level surface and air craft.

At it is current state the depend ESC are from the LD power, suspected to be limited to 400HZ and importantly can't be flashed to specific firmware aka Blheli_s.

I have chosen these racestar 20 amp as a replacement as they have future proof features such upgrading firmware (multishot with Imperial March theme) and smaller footprint.

Step 1:

Remove any top plate that is impending in the way.

Step 2:

De-solder the DC end of the ESC which is normally 2 wires red and black off the bottom PDB plate which is in my case.

Step 3:

Repeat this for all the ESC.

  1. This is not mandatory but in my case the ESC replacement didn't come with bullet connectors, under my situation I cut off the bullet connectors from my old ESC and soldered them to the new ESC.

Step 4:

Check to make sure that polarities of ESC connectors are correct and apply corrections if necessary.

Step 5:

Revert back the top plate and mount the ESC in any position. In my case I have applied 3M double tape and affixed the ESC into the top side of bottom frame.

Step 6:

Connect the middle bullet connector of both ESC and motor together.

Step 7:

Don't for get props off.

Step 8:

Using the motor rotation specific to the frame type. In my case it is Hexcopter.

Step 9:

Orient the frame and plug the ESC signal to the correct motor port in the flight controller. Consult manuals or guides specific to your flight controller.

Step 10:

Plug in battery and console flight controller. (Inav a cleanflight fork is used as an example)

Step 11:

Individually spin up each motor (REMEMBER PROPS OFF)

Step 12:

If the motor spin doesn't correctly switch the brushless motor A and C wires and repeat step 11. In reference to the photograph above it is the polarity wires (red and black) of brushless motor.

Step 13:

Repeat step 11 for each motor until motor spin is correct.