Introduction: How to Change Portable Genarator Caburator and Fuel Tap

Pls follow as I change them on my parsun 29000dx


New caburator, and fuel tap
Star screwdriver, 14mm spanner.
You can get all the supplies in your local store

Step 1: Replacing the Fuel Tap

First remove fuel hose connected to the tap by removing the secured pin, Use 14mm spanner to loose the fuel tap located at the rear side of the tank, you should slant the generator in such a way the fuel will not pour if there is any , fix the new one and tighten

Step 2: Removing the Air Filter

Air filter is located between the carburator remove the two screws at the mouth and the 10 14mm nuts inside take note of how you remove the components

Step 3: Remove the Caburator

Pull out the caburator but be careful of the spring and small rod attached to it , put in the new carburator to its position followed by air filter connect everything and make sure all is in place then you are done.