How to Change a Diaper



Introduction: How to Change a Diaper

By Joshua Davidson

Step 1: How to Tell If You Need to Change Your Baby

Does your baby smell poopy? Is there a Blue line instead of a yellow line? If the answer is yes to either one of those questions it's time to change your babies diaper!

Step 2: Gather All Tools Needed

In order to change your babies diaper you need these items:

*Fresh Diaper


*Baby Powder

Step 3: Start the Changing Process

Open wipes and unwrap diaper.

Don't take off diaper completely otherwise the fecal matter might end up EVERYWHERE.

Step 4: Wipe

Take wipe in hand. Wipe bum, frontal area, and legs and thighs. You may use more than one wipe. Make sure all remnants are wiped clean.

Step 5: Remove and Fold

Make sure to put all used wipes are put into the diaper. Fold up the diaper so that all of the contents are trapped within the spoiled diaper. THROW AWAY OUTSIDE. Otherwise smell will remain!!

Step 6: New and Fresh

Place new fresh diaper underneath baby with tabs in the back of baby.

Step 7: Powder Up

Apply baby powder around all wiped regions. This is to dry areas and prevent rashes from occurring.

Step 8: Fold

Fold frontal piece forward and spread out the wings.

Step 9: Velcro Is the Best

Pull tabbies in front of the wings and Velcro them down to the front.

Step 10: Enjoy a Fresh and Clean Baby. for a While at Least.

The baby is ready to play again. However check back in a half an hour just in case. These messes can happen often! Good luck and if needed bring nose plugs!

Step 11:

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    5 years ago on Step 11

    Can I suggest two simple steps? 1. Before you even start, unfold the new nappy under the baby's bottom. That way when you slide the old one off they are immediately sat on something disposable not the floor or change mat should they let rip anew. 2. If you have a boy baby, a tissue folded in half and dropped on top of the water cannon will stop you from getting hosed down in the inevitable event of them wetting while the nappy is off.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    I kind of wish that I had learned this before I had my first kid. The first couple of weeks were a pretty steep learning curve.