Introduction: How to Change a Soiled Baby Diaper

Changing a baby diaper is a fairly easy task that can be mastered with just a little practice.

Step 1:

Choose a flat stable surface and gather supplies:

  • diaper
  • baby wipes
  • bag for disposal
  • optional: ointment and baby powder

Step 2:

Lay baby on surface face up with legs straight

  • Make sure supplies are within reach.

Step 3:

Open new diaper and place next to baby

  • Position diaper with plastic (shiny) side down, cotton side up, and fasteners at top. (Parallel to baby)

Step 4:

Open diaper baby is wearing by lifting fastener on each side and pulling the front of the diaper away from the baby's body.

Step 5:

Lift baby's bottom from the surface and inspect the diaper's contents.

Step 6: If Baby Is Only Wet From Urinating

  • While lifting the baby's bottom, pull the wet diaper from under the baby.
  • Wipe genitals, upper thighs (including creases), and bottom from front to back with baby wipes. ALWAYS WIPE FRONT TO BACK TO PREVENT INFECTION.

Step 7:

  • Position new diaper under baby with the lower back centered between the fasteners.
  • Then pull the front of the diaper up between the baby's legs. The top should be at the waist.
  • Now secure by opening the fasteners and attach them to the front of the diaper. (Note that most diapers have a special texture at the top front edge that allows the fasteners to be opened and reclosed. Apply fasteners to this section to conserve diapers when checking).
  • Put used diaper and wipes in bag to dispose.
  • Diaper change complete!

Step 8: If Baby Had Bowel Movement

  • If front of diaper has no feces, it can be used to remove some feces from genitals and thighs. Then use baby wipes to remove all traces of feces from genitals, thighs, and bottom.
  • Remove old diaper and replace with new diaper by following step number 7.
  • Enjoy your baby!

Step 9:

Step 10: