Introduction: How to Change an Air Filter in Five Easy Steps

I’m going to be showing you how to change a household air filter. Replacing an air filter regularly can save someone from costly repairs. My fiancé is the service manager at a local HVAC shop and is always talking about how many people don’t know how to do such a simple task that can prevent them from an expensive bill. All it takes is five simple steps, every month to keep a furnace running the way it should. All that is needed is a new air filter.

Step 1: Locate the Furnace

The first step is to locate where the furnace is in the house. It is typically in a mechanical room, or it may be in a closet or attic.

Step 2: Shut the Unit Off

After locating the furnace, turn the power off to the furnace. There is typically a switch on or near the furnace. If the switch cannot be found on the furnace, it is best to turn the power off on the breaker. If the power is not shut off it can suck debris into the unit if it is running. This may cause it to be more difficult to pull it out.

Step 3: Find Where the Filter Is Located

The next step is to locate the air filter. It is typically located next to the furnace to the right or left side. Look at the ductwork for a strip of metal covering it or the filter will be visible. When the filter is located, remove the filter and verify the new one is the same size. If you don’t have a filter, this will be the time to get a replacement. It displays the size of the filter on the outside rim. Also note when you remove the filter, which way the airflow arrow is pointing, it is typically pointing towards the furnace.

Step 4: Put the New Filter In

Next, grab the new filter and write the date on it so you remember when you replaced it last. Install the new filter with the arrow pointing towards the furnace. Install the cover on it if it has one.

Step 5: Turn the Furnace Back On

The final step is to turn on the power and test the system to make sure the task was completed properly.

A special thank you to my nephew, Braxten, for helping me with the video and pictures!