Introduction: How to Clean Your Mountainbike

How to clean your muddy mountainbike
This is a cheap way to clean and lube your bike and let it shine like new
Always clean your bije after a muddy ride, especially the drivetrain will wear out fast if you don't

Step 1: Tools to Clean

The stuff I used to clean my bike:
A garden hose
Soapy water
Dishwashing brush

Step 2: Hose Off the Whole Bike With Water

Make sure you don't spray onto your bearings and headset

Step 3: Spray the Whole Bike With Water and Soap Espicially the Drivetrain

Step 4: Clean the Casette, Chainrings and Derailleurs With the Diswashing Brush

Step 5:

Step 6: Clean the Whole Bike With the Spounge and Soapy Water

Step 7:

Step 8: Spray Wd40 on the Chain, Derailleurs and Clipless Padels

Step 9: Done, Bike Is Clean and Ready for the Next Ride