Introduction: How to Clean Your Records With Soap and Water

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How To Clean Records

Cleaning albums, LPs with soap and water (33 1/3 rpm and 45s). Yes, this method is safe and the results are fantastic - totally quiet records (except for the music).:

Before Cleaning (record found at thrift store for $1, yes it was this dirty)

- Groovmaster label saver - to protect the label (cost about $50 and sold by William Sargent (Note: you can clean records without this device, just be careful not to get the label too wet.)

- Dawn kitchen soap ($1.65) and warm water in empty plastic margarine bowl

- 2 1/2" paintbrush (found one in the garage)

- Microfiber towels (8 for $8.24 at Target)

- Sink in your laundry room or kitchen and warm tap water to rinse (almost free)

Step 1: Dish Rack Holds Records Before and After Cleaning

Dish rack holds records before and after cleaning

Step 2: The Goovmaster Holds the Record During Cleaning and Protects the Label.

The Goovmaster holds the record during cleaning and protects the label.

Step 3: With Soapy Paint Brush

With soapy paint brush, go back and forth in direction of the grooves around the record (both sides).

Step 4: Rinse Well With Warm Water

Rinse well with warm water (both sides).

Step 5: Dry With Microfiber Towel

Dry with microfiber towel

Step 6: Place the Record Back in the Dish Rack and Let Dry

Place the record back in the dish rack and let dry about half an hour before playing.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Record With No Clicks or Noise

Enjoy your record with no clicks or noise

Step 8: Examples of Records I Have Cleaned

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