Introduction: How to Clean a Coin


Doing this tutorial may result in damaged coin if left too long in the acid. BEWARE!!!

Hello today in this tutorial we are going to clean a coin. You will need the following.

  • Lemon or Lime juice.
  • Glass container like a mason jar.
  • A coin.

Step 1: Chemical Eroding of the Coin.

Lemon and Lime juice are both acids. They erode whatever they come in contact with if given the proper amount of time. So don't leave your coin in the acid for more than 30 minutes or your coins major features will dissolve.

Put the acid in the jar along with the coin. Make sure you can check the coin and flip it so both sides touch the acid equally every five minutes.

Step 2: Finale!

If you did this right the gunk on the coin should have dissolved not the coin itself. Good luck and I hope you got this right because if not it can be disastrous for the coin.

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