Introduction: How to Clean and Make Sure Your Piercing Doesn't Get Infected

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Have you recently gotten a new piercing? Do you know how to clean that piercing? Are you scared it might reject? If you answered yes to any of these questions than this 'ible is meant for you!

(Piercing is an example of a piercing, its mine and new :D)

Step 1: To-Don't

Here is a list of things you should NEVER do with a new piercing:


• Do NOT touch the piercing
• Do NOT move the piercing (don't even rotate unless your piercer says otherwise
• Do NOT sleep on the piercing
• Do NOT let it get dirty
• Do NOT hit or scratch the piercing
• If your piercing is infected do NOT take the piercing out and let it heal over
• Do NOT change the piercing's jewelry

(The picture there is an example of an infected piercing from google)

Step 2: To-do:

List of to-do:
• DO clean your piercing at least twice daily for the allotted time to heal
• DO find the cleanest tattoo shop you can possibly find even if its a little bit more expensive
• DO look up your piercer and make sure he has more good comments than bad (strive for only good)
• DO make sure you have the right kind of soap
• DO sea salt soaks for your piercing if possible
• DO keep it extra clean

(Picture is an example of a healthy clean piercing, thats mine)

Step 3: Clean Clean Clean!

Always clean off the crust on your piercing and make sure not to move it too much, if you absolutely must touch your piercing wear clean gloves or wash your hands!

To clean the piercing use a Q-Tip with one of these products on it
Good cleaning products I know of:
• Contact solution
• Saline solution
• H2Ocean
• Antibacterial soap
• Sea salt water (basically free)
• Table salt water (not as good as sea salt water)
• Epsom salt water (depends on piercing, for example its good for most if not all ear piercings but not good for nipple piercings)

Try not to be cheap when dealing with piercings, the last thing anyone wants is to spend a whole lot of money on something and then it winds up getting infected.

Step 4: Symptoms of an Infection

If your piercing is showing redness or swelling after its 4 days to a week old then start cleaning it more and get in touch with your piercer.

If puss comes out of your piercing clean it, do not move or remove the jewelry and get in touch with your piercer.

If it hurts well over the allotted time for your heal time seek help from your piercer and make sure to clean it.

Your body will reject some piercings if this happens please get in touch with your piercer.

Sometimes a piercing will move this isn't usually too serious but can turn into something bad- if so call your piercer.

An itchy piercing could be one of two things: 1. Its healing 2. Its dry most likely its just healing