Introduction: How to Clean the OUTSIDE of Your Gutters

I’ve tried all kinds of ways to clean the outside of the gutters. In fact sometimes you don’t even know how dirty the outside of your gutters are until you start to clean them. Once you start to clean them you’re pretty much going to have to do all of them because you won’t believe how dirty they look against the clean gutter.


Dish soap, scrub brush, clean rag
Optional item would be a power washer

Step 1: Prepare and Set Up the Ladder

Prepare and set up the ladder. Once the ladder is securely in place you’ll be able to start scrubbing the gutter.

Step 2: Start Scrubbing the Gutter With the Soapy Water and Brush

Soapy water and a brush do an incredible job of breaking loose the grime. I’ve tried pressure washers foam cannons. Nothing replaces the good old elbow grease.

Step 3: With a Clean Rag You’ll Wipe It Clean

With a clean rag you’ll wipe it clean. The scrub brush will get everything loosened up but you want to wipe everything with a pretty absorbent towel. If it’s clean this is basically the last step the towel dries and cleans the gutter. Chances are your gutters are gonna look like new after doing this. There’s definitely incentive to continue when look back at the clean gutter and look forward and see the grime that needs to come off

Step 4: If the Debris Is Stubborn…

If the debris is stubborn…You’ll need to brush on some kerosene. Kerosene will loosen even the toughest of debris.

Step 5: Admire Your Work

Admire your work. You’ve worked hard and now you’ve got a clean gutters