Introduction: How to Code HTML! :D (Basic)

If you dont want to download the HTML program. Go to https//

Step 1: Simple Coding.

To add text, type in Hello World If you want a certain size, you can do

Hello World

Step 2: Pictures.

To add pictures, copy the picture you want to add, then paste it into the editor. Once you did that, the picture will load into you code slowly.

Step 3: Sizeable Text

Although i showed you sizeable text, I'll show it again for the people who didn't see. (If you already saw it you can skip this) The scale of size (html) goes like this.

Step 4: BONUS: Inspect Element

Since this is coding, i have a little BONUS step. Let's take quizlet, for example. To inspect a website, select the text (or image) you want to change. Then click the "Inspect" option. and it should bring up a tab on the side of you browser. Then you should be able to see what you selected. After this, delete the text and change it to what you want. (press "Enter" to save) For your result, you should see what you typed pop into place. :D

Step 5: BONUS 2: Inspecting Images.

To inspect an image. You need to copy the picture you want to add. Then you need to delete the link of the image (if it has a link) and replace it with the copied image's link.

Step 6: Outro

Hello! I hope this Instructable has helped you. This is my very first instructable for a school project! :D If there are any easier ways, or improvements you'd like me to add to this instructable, please let me know in the comments!