Introduction: How to Coil Extension Cords With the "Shepherd's Knot"

This Instructable explains a handy way to store an extension cord. Instead of a tangled mess, or trying to wrap the entire cord around your arm only to have it fall apart, try the Shepherd's Knot, it's quick and easy to do and even quicker to undo.

This instructable video was created for the Burning Questions contest, so it's only 15 seconds long, but I'm including a step by step image here as well...the Shepherd's Knot, try it, you'll like it!
  1. Untangle your extension cord and fold it into 2 even lengths, grab the cord at the center
  2. Create a simple loop
  3. Pull the the cord through itself to make a basic knot.
  4. Reach through and grab up more of the cord and pull it through the loop to create a second loop
  5. Repeat again and again until you reach the end of the cord
  6. Now we have a chain of loops ...kind of like a paracord bracelet...which can easily be un-raveled when needed
Pro tip: You'll find it works well to plug the front of the cord to the end

step by step
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