Introduction: How to Construct Parallel Lines

A step by step instructable on how to construct 2 parallel lines

Step 1:

Create a straight line using a straightedge and label one point A and one point B

Step 2:

Plot a point above the straight angle and label it C

Step 3:

Using a straightedge, draw a straight line from point A to point C

Step 4:

Draw an arch between line AC and line AB with thepoint of the compass on point A

Step 5:

Copy the same arch, starting with the point of your compass at point C

Step 6:

Measure the first arch, where it passes through each line with your compass

Step 7:

Now, using the compass make the distance of point ones arch at point 2

Step 8:

Lastly, draw a line through point C, and where the second arch and dash intersect