Introduction: How to Cook Rice With Rice Cooker

This instructable is shows you how to use a rice cooker:


-Rice cooker




Step 1: Take Out Inner Pot

This inner pot is where you put your rice and water so make sure that the inside clean up before adding anything on. Some pot that will have water indicator inside the pot, that can help you know water level for your rice.

Step 2: Add Rice

One cup of rice is good enough for 2 people and two cups are good for 4 people.

Step 3: Wash Your Rice

Every time you cook our rice, you have to wash them. If the water looks cloudy like the first picture, that means rice is not clean enough. Wash until the water looks clean as the second picture and you can see the bottom rice layer.

You need water to cook rice, the water level needs to be at least above the rice layer

Step 4: Clean Bottom of Your Pot

Make sure that you clean up any water on the bottom of your inner pot. This will keep the lifespan of your pot longer and clean after cook.

Step 5: Put Pot Back to Rice Cooker

Make sure that your rice cooker does not plug-in the power outlet before you put your pot in.

Step 6: Check Steam Vent

During cooking, hot steam will come out from this vent. Make sure that nothing covers this.

Step 7: Plug-in Power

After you check every clean and lid is completely closed. You can plug-in to the power outlet and press the cook button.

P/s: my rice cooker has some extra button but most of the time, they only have one button like the second picture.

Step 8: Check Your Cooked Rice

After you heard a *tick* sound from your rice cooker and keep warm light turned on. You can now open the lid and check your cooked rice. Use a wooden spoon to stir up your rice and check to make sure the rice soft, fully cooked (usually, if the top layer rice is fully cooked then the bottom will be the same).

Step 9: Clean the Lid

Before you clean, unplug your rice cooker. This is prevented from any electric shock when you clean if it does happen. The reason you want to clean the lid every time is to keep the lifespan of your rice cooker and prevent any excess water to drop into your cooked rice.

Step 10: Remove Water From Water Holder

Make sure your rice cooker still unplug before removing this.

Step 11: Your Rice Is Ready

You can now turn your cooker back on and let the "keep warm" light turn on. This will keep your rice hot and ready to serve. Remember that the inner pot will be hot so do not remove from the rice cooker. Use a wooden spoon to take out your cooked rice. Any leftover rice can be store in the frig.