Introduction: How to Create Your First Garden

Hello friends. I am from Vietnam 1 agricultural country. Glad to share with you some of my knowledge for your first garden.

Step 1: What Is Important

First we will need to think about what is clean agricultural products.

- Clean soil

- Clean water

- Clean seeds

We need these 3 factors to ensure our products are clean

Step 2: Soil

Most plants will adapt to your soil. The only problem is time.

- The most important thing is to keep your soil drained.The roots will not have oxygen if it is soaked in water and it will die. Create high tissue and plant your plants on it if the area is constantly flooded

- If your soil is not fertile. Use more organic products. Use decomposing plants. Alternating legumes such as soybeans. They help improve the soil. Limit grass and keep soil moisture

- Where will you plant trees? Without seriousness, your plants only need soil and are well cared for. As you can see I grow in foam boxes, stone embankments, ...

- Let your land rest every 6 months. Expose your soil under the sun to eliminate pathogens. Nutritional supplements for your soil for the next season.

Step 3: How to Grow

- There is no specific size when you plant plants in pots

- But most people agree that the size of the pot is as big as the size of the canopy

- If the pot is too small, you may have a bonsai. That is also great

- What will you grow? Plant things you like to eat. You need a small amount of soil, seed from the fruit you eat. After a time you will have a seedling of the fruit you like, plant it. Some trees are due to climatic conditions, soil pH ... will not be as fruitful as you want. No problem you will have shade.

Step 4: Planting Trees According to New Methods

- I always appreciate the new method. But perhaps at the moment some methods such as hydroponics do not bring high value.

- There are a limited number of chemical ingredients in hydroponic solutions. Your food will not be as good as natural methods.

- Do you need smart irrigation systems? The answer is not necessary. I made a smart irrigation system. My system will irrigate the plant after checking the temperature and humidity accordingly. But you know that. Watering in the early morning will be good. You teach early to breathe fresh air and love your small garden. They will pay you fragrant flowers, sweet fruits.

Step 5: Pests

- Nature always has a great balance of it. But climate change, people, that balance goes away. Pests and diseases are unavoidable, help your garden to overcome pests with homemade products with natural origin.

- I often use: garlic + chili + wine. You grind the mixture, dilute it appropriately and sweep or spray on the tree. The earlier you do, the higher the effect

Thank you for reading. Good luck my friend.

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