Introduction: How to Create a Bukkit Minecraft Server

Have you ever wanted to make a Minecraft Server for you and your friends without paying for a server host or waiting in queue for free hosting websites? Well this Instructable will teach you how and you'll be running your own Minecraft Server in no time!

Step 1: Downloading Bukkit

The first thing you want to do is create a folder called Minecraft Server then go to GetBukkit and download the latest Bukkit version you can do this by going to the website and click get latest bukkit then scroll down and click the yellow link and download in the Minecraft Server folder shown in the images above.

Step 2: Creating a Server Launcher: Windows

now you need to make a run file called run.bat so open up a text editor and make a new file then type:

java -jar craftbukkit.jar

but replace craftbukkit.jar with whatever the .jar file you downloaded is named then save your file in your minecraft server folder with the .jar file as run.bat

run the run.bat file it will ask you to press any key to continue just press enter or really any key then go back to your folder you will see a file called EULA.txt open it and change where it says "False" to "True" now run your server again and you're ready just type stop when you want to stop the server

Step 3: Creating a Server Launcher: Linux

1. Open the terminal and enter:

cd ~/Minecraft Server

(if you named your folder something else change the words Minecraft Server to what you named your folder)

2. Go to your Minecraft Server folder and create a file called and paste this inside:

BINDIR=$(dirname "$(readlink -fn "$0")")

cd "$BINDIR"

java -jar craftbukkit.jar

(remember to change craftbukkit.jar to what the .jar file you downloaded earlier is named)

3. Go back to the terminal and type:

chmod +x ~/Minecraft Server/

(replace Minecraft Server with your folder name)

4. Type in the terminal:

~/Minecraft Server/

or run using the terminal (right-click hover the mouse over open with other application and click terminal emulator)

to run your server (you know the drill)

when you're finished type Stop in the terminal

Step 4: Connecting to Your Server

Now that your server is running hop on Minecraft go to multiplayer and click add server then type localhost in the server ip area click done and connect to your new server.

Step 5: Adding an Icon

Now you've played on servers that have cool icons like hypixel and mineplex to get your own this is what to do first download an image exactly 64x64 pixels. Then move the image to your server folder and rename it server-icon.png and you're finished. To get cool icons go here search for whatever you want click on an icon scroll down and click 64x64 it will then show you the icon right-click it and click save image as.

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