Introduction: How to Create a Custom Vector HUD

The HUD templates or project files you normally find online, sometimes don't match your purpose.  I couldn't find any HUD's that I liked so I decided to make my own brush pattern HUD. I needed a HUD for my illustrator logo so I created it in Illustrator, but the same thing can be achieved in Photoshop. We will be using the pathfinder tool to create Art brushes and the brushes to make a HUD Ring This takes about  20 min for a person who is a beginner in Illustrator.   

Step 1: Create the Shapes

First open a new document in Illustrator that is 500px by 500px. Also turn on the grid (view>Show grid) and set the snap to Grid.  The grid will allow you to easily create the Pattern you desire.  Now use the rectangle tool (M) and set the fill to any color and start drawing in any shape you would like on the HUD. 

Fill in the entire canvas with your desired pattern. If you finish you pattern early  fill the rest of the canvas with stroke turned off. Remember to be as creative. 

Step 2: Using the Pathfinder Tool

 Select the pattern you have drawn and use the pathfinder tool combine the shapes. The pathfinder tool can be found under  Effect>Pathfinder. Click ' unite' on the pathfinder tool palette after your pattern has been selected. Than press expand. 

Step 3: Repeat to Get Desired Pattern

Repeat steps 2 and 3 to get your desired pattern. 

Step 4: Creating the Brush

Select your entire pattern (control + A), than select 'new brush' in the brush palette. Than choose 'Art Brush' and hit OK . Name the brush to  whatever you desire and press OK again. Make sure you have similar setting as in the picture. 

Step 5: Repeat and Save Brushes

Repeat the setup 4 for different brushes or HUDs. Than once your done save the brushes in the brush palate. 

Step 6: Creating the HUD

Use the Ellipse tool (L) and set it to no fill and set the stroke to any color. Use the shift key to make a perfect circle.  Than with your newly created circle selected click the brush pattern you designed in the brush palette. Congratulations you have just created your own HUD.