Introduction: The G-cube USB

The design was done was done in Rhinoceros3D and only took about 10 min -15 min. The printing took approximately 4 hrs. I built a painting station to paint it quickly and applied 3 coats over 3 hours. In total the project took about 40 min of actually work. Overall it was definitely worth it since it a interesting USB holder.    

Step 1: Design: Document Setup

In the document setup have these settings:  
snap to locked object
Use apparent intersections
Objects Snap Highlight
Snap Radius: 15px

Than press okay. 

Step 2: Design: Creating the Box

Turn on the Grid Snap (at bottom) and make sure it is bold. Than use the cube tool to create a cube by clicking. You can set the dimensions in the command line.  

Step 3: Design: Rounding the Edges (Filet the Edges)

To round the edges of an object (in this case the cube) first select the object than solid and fillet edge>fillet edge. Set the value of fillet edge in the command line. 

Step 4: Design: Creating the USB Hole Part 1

Use the rectangle tool to create a rectangle that is the size of the usb. Than fillet its edges like in step 3. After move the rectangle into the position (inside cube) where USB will go.

Step 5: Design: Creating the Usb Hole Part 2

Select the cube than go to solid>difference. Select the second object and press enter. 

Step 6: Final Design Step : Adding Text

Use the text tool to create the letter and have the dimensions you desire, press Ok after. Use the difference tool engrave the letter onto the cube.

Congratulation you are now ready to print!

Step 7: After Printing and Painting Process

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