Introduction: How to Create a Fortune Teller

You can create a fortune teller in a matter of a few steps without any struggling especially with my instructionable where you can go through each step carefully and any precise small detail done is included even the simplest things like folding over a corner.

Step 1: Beginning a Fantastic Fortune Teller

To begin creating your fortune teller you must cut or have a pre cut piece of paper that folds easily. The paper should preferably be 8 inches by 11 inches to work best. It’s also a great idea to use decorative or bright colored paper to make your fortune teller more appealing to the eye but this is optional. A regular piece of notebook or copy paper would work just fine as well.

Step 2: Fold for Your Fortune

Next you should get the right top corner (your right) of the piece of paper and fold it over to meet the opposite corner and make sure that when you fold it over that the edge and the side of the paper are perfectly aligned for the best results in folding later through in this process as shown in image A.Image B is the result of how it should look once folded and again make sure that the folds are aligned and creased precisely.

Step 3: Cut and Fold for Your Fortune

The following step is to remove the excess paper below of the area that you previously folded in step 2. You will not be using the rectangular piece there to make your fortune teller. If you do not have scissors fold it and crease it back and forth until you are able to carefully rip it off, it should leave a clean cut line as shown in image A. If you do have scissors you will save time cutting it with scissors. Make sure to be careful to not cut a ridged line. Image B should be what your fortune teller should look like after you have cut off the excess paper. Again make sure you made a clean cut line because you will have complications later if not.

Step 4: Following With Folding

Then you should open up the triangle that you were left with and you will find a square shown in image A. Then begin to fold in the corners of the paper toward the very center image B begins the process of this. It helps to draw a dot in the very center of the crease. Make sure to fold each corner toward the middle evenly or you could have some trouble with the spacing so I would suggest getting the two corners on each side at the same time when folding them to ensure that they are evenly spaced.These three images demonstrate this process and the last image should be what yours looks like after completing this step.

Step 5: Following With Folding

Next you will flip the paper over (shown in image A) finding yet another square this is to where the folds you just made are facing down and you will take each of the corners and make the same folds toward the middle of the shape demonstrated in image B. Make sure to use the same method of folding two corners toward the center at once to ensure the triangles are evenly spaced also for the best results shown in image C.

Step 6: Final Fortune

The last and Final step to creating your hand crafted fortune teller is to then flip the folds you just made down and you will find four folded squares o that opposite side shown in image A. As you can see in image B you will gently stick your finger below the squares to pushed them a bit upward and make them three dimensional. Image C show all of the squares upward and is our final product as well as image D just that image D is what the inside of your fortune teller will look like where you may add your own numbers to count and choose as well as fortunes when you unfold the flap revealing someones destiny. It is also common to put certain color names or some type of option to choose for the "client" to be able to choose their own destiny.