Introduction: How to Create a Keyboard Light System Using VBScript

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Today's article will show you how to create a light system using VBScript. The script itself will be completely harmless, but if anything does go wrong, I am not responsible for anything.

Before we get started, we'll explain how to stop/kill the script if you want to stop it. To kill the script, open Task Manager using CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. If Task Manager doesn't show up, use CTRL+ALT+DEL to open it. When opened, open the processes tab and find wscript.exe. When found, press the End Task button to stop the script. If wscript.exe cannot be found, there is nothing left to do and you can close Task Manager.

Step 1: Creating the Script

The script will be written in VBScript. Note that modern classroom workstations do not allow VBScript scripts to execute. The point of this article is not to prank anyone. Remember that this script might mess with your keyboard, so everything might be CaPItALIzED.

Now that you know what to expect, open Notepad (or a similar plain text editor). Then, copy and paste the code below. Note that you can adjust to code to your liking's.

When you're finished, save the document with the .vbs extension. This can be done by setting the filter to "All Files".

Step 2: The Result

The result of the script should be flashing lights on your keyboard. We've mentioned how to stop the script if you want to do so. Like mentioned earlier, this script may not work on classroom workstations due to execution limitations.

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