Introduction: How to Create a Tik Tok

In March of 2020 the world changed right before our eyes. Schools started closing and jobs started to shut down. The world was put into a state of emergency and under a strict quarantine order. In that moment you would think people would start to lose it but instead a lot of families took to an app called Tik Tok where you can create dancing videos, lip-sync, or even make comedy videos. The app is still being used and bringing people lots of laughs. If you wanted to make a Tik Tok but didn't know how, I will walk you through each step to make your very own!


- A smart phone

- Internet Service

- Tik Tok App

Step 1: Download the Tik Tok APP to Your Smart Phone

Step 2: Open the Tik Top App and Press the + Sign at the Bottom of the Screen

a) It is normal for someone's video to pop up as soon as you open the app.

Step 3: At the Top of the Video You Will Choose What Sound You Will Use

Press the music note and the words sound and it will take you to a list of sounds you can use

Step 4: Choose From the List of What Sounds You Would Like

Once you find the sound you want to use, press the sound and then press the check mark next to it.

Step 5: Once You Press the Sound on the Check Mark You Want to Use, It Will Take You Back to the Video Screen

At the bottom of the screen you can choose if you want 15 or 60 seconds

Step 6: It Is Now Time to Record Your First Tik Tok

Hold press the big red circle on the screen and it will start recording so make sure you are ready!

Step 7: Once Video Is Recoreded You Will Hit the Check Mark Next to the Record Button

At this step you can now edit your video the way you want to.

You can add any text with color, also cut any video you don't want to use

Step 8: When You Are Happy With Your Edited Video You Can Now Create a Caption and at the Bottom of the Screen Press Post