Introduction: How to Create a Vertical Garden From Recycled Fanta Bottles

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Is awesome to create something new from things that are going to end up in the garbage.

This is a easy way to make a sweet vertical garden using an old recycled bottles and some pieces of old clothes line. This vertical garden will be unexpected decor that helps to brighten a room.

Things you will need:

Clothes line

2l bottle fanta



6 Size Punching Pliers Tool

Insulation Tape Vinyl Electrical Tape 19mm Wide

hook from 1.5m elastic rope car roof rack


screw for wood


Step 1: Outta Labels and Wash Bottles and Give Them Enough Time to Dry Completely

Step 2: Cut With Scissors Into the Narrowed Part.

Step 3: Punch 3 Holes of 120 Degrees.

Step 4: Cut the 3 Equal Length Pieces of Clothesline

Cut the 3 equal length pieces of clothesline and tied them in three holes, then unite the other three ends, do ring for hanging. We wind finally nodes with insulating tape.

Step 5: Install a Hook on the Wall Using Screw for Wood and Washer.

Step 6: Put on Hook First Element From Our Vertical Garden.

Step 7:

Cut with scissors into the narrowed part of bottle, punch 3 holes of 120 degrees, cut the 3 equal length pieces of clothesline and tied them in three holes, then tied the other three ends at the holes of upper pot.

Step 8: Repeat Step 7 Depending of That How Much Space We Have Vertically.

Step 9: Finally Put in Our Hanger Pots With Little Plants.

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