Introduction: How to Crochet Amigurumi Small Doll for Beginners and Intermediates. Free Crochet Pattern. Size: 10-12cm

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I was tickled pink the first time I saw an amigurumi on Pinterest a few months ago.....and I just had to learn how to do it. Didn’t know a thing about crochet apart from the stigma that it’s an old ladies hobby with doilies and tea...
I set out to teach myself. It was frustrating in the beginning and this is why I’ve decided to do this instructable. For that person who is where I was a year ago. I was looking for something that’s not too small, not too big, not too easy....we like a challenge, and it had to be cute! I have noted some of the sites where you can get help with technique if you get stuck. (Disclaimer- prior too and at the time of publishment of this Instructable, I had no affiliations with the websites I have mentioned here under that is of monetary, sponsorship or other benefits to me.) Please send me photos of your work. I would love to see your designs. Enjoy.
My muse for this precious little character was Hoodie, a dynamic young Sudanese law student for whom I have great admiration and unquestionable faith that she and a few of her fellow classmates; men and women will aspire to greatness and make not only their parents, UKZN and South Africa proud, but will indelibly make change...happen.
From Sonnet> to AvZ,CR,HA. See end for dedication. MMXVIII

Step 1: Materials:

2 colors of 4ply/fingering cotton yarn (Lilac and hazelnut)
any weight yarn can be used but remember to use a needle/hook that is one size smaller than is recommended on the yarn wrapper in order to get a tightly woven effect. Remember to crochet tightly to avoid the stuffing to show through.
2mm/2,5mm crochet needle/hook
2x 7mm doll eyes (eyes can also be embroiled on at the end with black yarn instead)
Polly fill -for stuffing
Wool needle
Stitch marker

MR: magic ring
sc: single crochet
R: round
st: slipstitch
inc: increase (2single crochet into the same stitch) preferably invisible increase technique must be used
dec: decrease (use invisible decrease technique).
SCBLO: single crochet back loop only
FO: finish off
(.....)x: repeat instructions in bracket x number of times

Step 2: Invisible Increase and Invisible Decrease: It Is Quite Important to Know How to Do the Invisible Increase and Decrease Stitches.

Do a search in google of chrome or YouTube - how do you do invisible increase and decrease single crochet for amigurumi?
You will find several sites that will demonstrate the methods to you and you will learn it very quickly.

Step 3: Legs. Make 2 Using Lilac Color Yarn

This pattern is done mostly in-the-round single crocheting.
I found the YouTube channel of “Louie’s Loops” very helpful
R1: start with MR with 6 sc stitches [6]
R2: 6 x inc [12]
R3: (inc,sc3)3 [15]
R4: SCBLO15 [15]
R5: sc15 [15]
R6: dec, sc, (dec2, sc)2, dec [9]
R7: sc9 [9]
R8: sc9 [9]
R9: sc9 [9]
R10: (inc, sc2)3 [12]
FO and work away yarn.
Make second leg in the same way.
Stuff legs using poly fill.

Step 4: Body. ...continue With Lilac Yarn. I Found the Website Very Helpful

Make a slip knot and join the two legs.
Now you start to count the rows of the body from a new R1.
R1: sc around the back of the left leg first towards the center where they are joined and continue around the front of the right leg to the back of the legs ending at the start of the row in the center of the legs [23]
R2: sc7, inc, sc6, inc, sc7, inc [26]
R3: (inc, sc4, inc, sc3, inc, sc3)2 [32]
R4: sc32 [32]
R5: sc32 [32]
R6: (dec, sc4, dec, sc3, dec, sc3)2 [26]
R7: sc26 [26]
R8: sc26 [26]
R9: sc26 [26]
R10: (dec, sc4, dec, sc3)2 [22]
R11: sc22 [22]
R12: sc22 [22]
R13: (dec, sc3, dec, sc2)2 [18]
R14: sc18 [18]
R15: sc18 [18]
Start stuffing body with poly fill. Body and legs must be stuffed tightly.
R16: (dec, sc3)3 [15]
R17: (dec, sc)4, dec, change to Hazelnut color yarn in next sc [10]
End of body. Start head from new R1 continuing from last sc in R17 with Hazelnut color yarn.

Step 5: Head. ....continue With Hazelnut Color Yarn. # I Found the Site Very Helpful.

Head continues from last stitch of body.
Start with new R1 for head.
R1: sc10 [10] *****HINT be patient when doing R1-R6, stitches are very close and tight,
but patients will be rewarded if you persist. Go slowly & carefully
R2: inc4, sc, inc4, sc [18] *
R3: (inc, sc2)6 [24] *
R4: (inc, sc3)6 [30] *
R5: (inc, sc4)6 [36] *
R6: (inc, sc5)6 [42] *
R7: sc42 [42]
R8: sc42 [42]
R9: sc42 [42]
R10: sc42 [42]
R11: sc42 [42]
R12: sc42 [42]
R13: (dec, sc5)6 [36]
R14: (dec, sc4)6 [30]
Find center of face.
Fix eyes between R8 & R9, 8 stitches apart.
Stuff head with poly fill.
R15: (dec, sc3)6 [24]
R16: (dec, sc2)6 [18]
R17: (dec, sc)6 [12]
Stuff head tightly with poly fill. Take care to keep eyes facing forward while stuffing.
R18: dec6 [6]
R19: dec3 and use wool needle to weave yarn through remaining stitches to close off the head.
FO and sew away yarn.

Step 6: Arms. ....Make Two Arms, Using Lilac and Hazelnut Colored Yarn.

Start with Hazelnut yarn. # I found the site ClubCrochet very helpful.
R1: Start with MR with 6sc stitches [6]
R2: (inc, sc)3 [9]
R3: sc9 [9]
R4: sc9 [9]
Change color to Lilac
R5: (dec, sc)3 [6]
R6 to R13 sc6 [6] ...8rnds of 6sc
Stuff arms very slightly and whip stitch opening closed.
Leave a long tail of 30cm for sewing arm to body later.
Make the other arm in the same way.

Step 7: Hood. ....continue Using Lilac Yarn

When crocheting the hood you can relax the tension slightly.
R1: Start with MR with 6sc stitches [6]
R2: Inc x 6 [12]
R3: (inc, sc)6 [18]
R4: (inc, sc2)6 [24]
R5: (inc, sc3)6 [30]
R6: (inc, sc4)6 [36]
R7: sc36 [36]
R8: sc36 [36]
R9: sc36 [36]
R10: sc36 [36]
R11: sc36 [36]
FO and leave a 30 cm yarn tail to tack-stitch hood in place at the back of the neck of the doll.
You can embellish the hood of the doll with little yarn flowers as I did or bows, or anything that you find appealing.

Step 8: Assembly

The arms are first pinned in place at the side of the body to be certain of position.
I whip stitch the arms in place two rows below the neck.
Before I stitched the hood onto the head, I sewed some flowers I made from scrap pieces of yarn all over.
I also used a small eyeshadow brush and dabbed a bit of pink blush under the eye area-very little!
You can also embroider a little nose if you like.
I’ve added, true to my muse, a hijab of gold net fabric and if you look at the photos you will see that Hoodie is also adorning a purple scarf.
If you want any help with making a scarf or something else I’ll be glad to assist.
I have found the following sites very helpful when I was first learning. Try them for techniques, tips and tricks. YouTube is also fantastic to find advice.
wikihow , , , , , Louie’s Loops
Happy ami
From sunny South Africa
Sonnet> Dedicated to Armandt van Zyl, Christen Rao and Hoodie Azim. -MMXVIII
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