Introduction: How to Curl Your Hair in 10 Minutes or Less Using a Curling Wand

  • WARNING: High Heat temperature is involved with this tutorial. Keep babies, toddlers and small children away from the curling wand during this activity.
  • Have Patience! This activity takes practice to master!
  • If you are new to using the curling wand, please wear a protective glove during the whole experiment to prevent burns.
  • Close supervision is advised if children are around. High temperatures of heat the wand emits can cause serious burns to the skin
  • Keep away flammable substances during this tutorial (also paper, plastic objects)
  • Make sure to unplug your Curling Wand After using it!
  • Have fun and feel beautiful!
  • Side Note: (My hair can sometimes be a little wavy naturally so that is why my hair is like this in the pictures)

Step 1: Gather Supplies

  • Gloves (no plastic, any type of heat-resisting glove will work or a regular cotton glove that you can purchase at your local dollar store)
  • Volumizing hairspray (any type of volumizing hairspray will work, I am using Big Sexy Brand)
  • curling wand (I am using the Conair brand with a 25mm barrel, any brand of wand or size of barrel will work, *the bigger the barrel the bigger the curls and vice versa*
  • basic hairbrush (Any hairbrush you use to detangle your hair will work; you will need this to detangle your hair before starting the curling process)
  • heat protectant spray (any brand will do; this protects your hair from heat damage)
  • basic hair tie
  • A mirror big enough to see the whole face

Step 2: Prep Styling Station

  • *PICTURE IS LABELED 1,2,3 and will correspond with steps below*
  • Make sure your workstation is spotless and clean (No flammable objects, paper or plastic)
  • Set up your workstation near a working wall power outlet
  • Plugin your curling wand to a wall power outlet (1 in the picture above)
  • Turn on the curling wand by pressing the power button (2 in the picture above)
  • Set your curling wand to desired heat setting (I use the highest heat setting) press the + button to get to desired temp ( 3 in the picture above)
  • Leave curling plugged in and lying on a flat surface (Leave it on the desired heat setting for at least 3 minutes to ensure it has reached the desired temperature).

Step 3: Prep Hair for Styling

*PICTURE IS LABELED 1,2,3 and will correspond with steps below*

  • Make sure your hair is completely dry
  • Detangle your hair by grabbing your brush and brushing through your hair until it’s tangle-free (1 in the picture above)
  • Lightly Spray hair with the heat protectant spray evenly distributing it from the roots of your hair to the end (max of 4 pumps) then let dry. (3 in the picture above)
  • After you let your hair dry, brush your hair again to ensure there are no tangles.

Step 4: Gather Hair Into High Ponytail

  • Gather hair into a high ponytail on the top of your head (the higher the better)
  • Brush out ponytail

Step 5: Begin Curling Process

  • *PICTURE IS LABELED 1,2,3 and will correspond with steps below*
  • If a beginner grab your heat resistant glove and put it on your dominant hand
  • Grab your hair spray and make sure it is in close proximity (1 in the picture above)
  • Start by grabbing your wand with your dominant hand and with your non-dominant hand grab a medium section of hair (the bigger the section of hair you grab the looser the curl and vice versa) (2 in the Picture above)

Step 6: Wrap Hair Around Curling Wand

  • Have the tip of the iron point down when curling
  • Curl your hair away from your face
  • Wrap hair around wand using your non-dominant hand till you reach the ends of your hair
  • Hold hair on the wand with the non-dominant hand for approx. 6 seconds holding the end of your hair to the wand so it does not fall

Step 7: Let Hair Cool and Then Spray With Hairspray

*PICTURE IS LABELED 1,2,3 and will correspond with steps below*

  • After holding the hair on the wand for 6 seconds, let the ends go
  • Using your non-dominant hand catch the curl from the bottom of the curling iron and cup it in your hands (almost as if you are scrunching the curl) (1 in the picture above)
  • Hold curl in your hand for a couple of seconds to ensure it is cool
  • Grab your hair spray bottle and spray curl all over (2 in the picture above)
  • Let the curl go (3 in the picture above)

Step 8: Repeat Process

  • Repeat the process until your whole ponytail is curled

Step 9: HairSpray Entire Ponytail Evenly and Take Out Hair Tie

*PICTURE IS LABELED 1,2 and will correspond with steps below*

  • After your whole ponytail is curled hair spray the entire ponytail all over (to ensure your curls will last all day)*1 in the picture above*
  • Take out your hair tie (be careful not tangle your hair doing this step) *2 in the picture above*

Step 10: Shake Hair and Part

*PICTURE IS LABELED 1,2 and will correspond with steps below*

  • Flip your hair over (like touching your toes and hair should be in front of your face and chest) and spread your fingers through your roots and shake (this will loosen your curls and create volume) *1 in the picture above*
  • After shaking your curls out and still having your hair flipped over
  • Grab your hairspray and spray hair thoroughly one last time *2 in the picture above*
  • Flip your hair back over and section or part your hair how you like and fix to your desire preference (I always use my fingers to comb through my hair to achieve my desired look)
  • Turn off Curling wand and unplug from outlet

Step 11: Finished Result!

Enjoy your long-lasting curls