Introduction: How to Customize Your Old Skateboard

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This instuctable is how to turning an old skateboard into an awesome piece of art work that you can either mount it on the wall or ride ( the paint might come off if you do some extreme skateboarding) 

Step 1: Materials

What you will need:

An old skateboard
Duct tape
Spray paint 
A pencil
Acrylic paint 
Sand paper
A screw driver
A paint brush

Step 2: Preparing the Deck

Take the trucks off the deck using your screw driver.
Using sandpaper, scuff up the deck of the skateboard.
Put duct tape around the edges of you skateboard.
Now you are ready to paint.

Step 3: Spray Paint

Get out you spray paint and paint the deck.
I am doing half of it red and half grey.
Do multiple coats of paint until you have a good solid color.

Step 4: Painting the Border

Once the spay paint is dry, peal the duct tape off the board.
Now you have have a big line around the edges of the board without paint.
Using the acrylic paint, paint a border over the unpainted part the skateboard.
Now paint the wooden edges.

Step 5: Painting on the Design

Choose a picture or design to paint on the skateboard.
Sketch it on board first.
Paint over the lines with acrylic paint.
You can then add detail if you want.

Step 6: Your Done!

You have finished customizing your skateboard.
Now you can ride it or show it off!
Please rate my instructable. 
If you customize your own skateboard post a picture so I can see how it turned out.


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