Introduction: Snowboarding for Beginners

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I have been snowboarding for quite a while and I have some tricks for beginners.

Step 1: Equipment

A lot of beginners end up trying snowboarding for a year and then giving up. If you aren't so sure that you're going to stick with snowboarding don't buy expensive equipment.
These are some good brands for a beginner snowboarded:
Moment, Limited, Sims, Lamar, Luna, and Burton makes all kind of boards. My board is kinda big, but your bord should range from as tall as your shoulders to your nose.

Just use a helmet. Don't say that you don't need because your to cool because you do. If you aren't doing anything extreme you can use a skateboarding helmet.

Coats and pants
Get light stuff to wear or else you will sweat like crazy. You can actually get cheap Volcom stuff off of Amazon. Underneath your snow pant you can wear basketball shorts or pajama pants. NOT JEANS. For big slopes get goggles, but not for the bunny hills. 

The bindings are very important. Try to avoid plastic straps on your bindings and get rubber instead because the plastic will break.

These are very important too. Your boots need to be stiff so you don't break or sprain your ankle. You should always check to make sure that you boots fit in your boots.

Step 2: Footing

First you have to decide which foot you want to be in front. Deciding is simple. find some ice. Run, then jump putting one foot in front of the other. Whichever foot is forward will be the front foot on your snowboard. You can choose how far apart you want your feet to be.
Your heels should be closer together than your toes.

Step 3: Riding

When riding your snowboard your knees should be bent and your arms should be at your sides. Look straight ahead. Don't lean forward or backward or slouch. Lean on your front foot to gain speed and lean on back foot to go slower.  

Step 4: Turning

Turning is pretty simple.

Heel Turns
To make a heel turn, lean on your heels. Bend your knees a little bit more. Once you have turned get your snowboard level again and straighten your self out. 

Toe Turn
To do a toe turn act as if you are trying to stand on your toes. This will make you lean. The leaning will make you turn. Once have turned get your board level and straighten yourself out.

Step 5: Easy Tricks

Ollies: Ollies are a type of jump. You lean on your back foot and pull your front foot into the air. Once your front foot is in the air, push your back foot off the ground so that you are in mid-air. 

Tick Tack: If you know how revert on a skateboard this should be easy. Lean on your back foot and pull your front foot in the air. Slide the font of your board to right while it is in the air and then put it back on the ground. Do the same, but instead slide your foot to left. Repeat left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right as long as you want to. 

This Thingy: I'm not sure if this has a name. You lean back like you're turning, but do it really fast until it like you are going to stop. As you are doing this your back foot should slightly be digging into the snow. This will make snow fly everywhere. In new, fluffy snow there will be a whole cloud of snow around you.

180: To start you either need to Ollie or just jump. twist your body in mid-air making your snowboard spin. You should land switch.  Landing sideways isn't a good idea. Make sure that either land level or on your back foot. ( the video is cheesy and lame, but it shows you the basics)

Step 6: Snowboard Maintenance

You have to take care of your snowboard. You should wax your snowboard every 2-3 time that you ride. Before riding check to make sure that your bindings aren't damaged.

Step 7: You're Ready to Ride

Go out and hit the slopes! Don't try any thing that you aren't ready for though. This is just for beginners. I hope you liked my Instructable! 

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