Introduction: How to Cut Your Hair / How to Fix a Bad Hair Cut

I have hair and if you're like me you've decided to get rid of it this is how.


A buzz razor, buzz razor attachments, and tape.

Step 1:

Step One: Go out and buy a buzz razor. You can get them at a lot of places, like Walmart

Step 2:

Step two: Plug the razor into the wall or charge it if its a chargeable one.

Step 3:

Step three: figure out what length you want it and add the attachment for that length.

Step 4:

Step four: Run the razor along your head and make sure you get it even everywhere.

Step 5:

Step five: realize the terrible mistake you have made

Step 6: Fix That Hair

Oh no! you look absolutely horrid whatever will you do. No need to worry I have the solution In these next few easy steps on how to fix a bad hair cut.

Step one: pick up all your hair off the ground.

Step two: get some tape any will do but the stronger the better like duct tape.

Step three: put hair on the sticky side of the tape

Step four: place and tape onto the head step five: enjoy your fresh new cut.