Introduction: How to Cut a Top Sirloin Roast

Learning how to cut a top sirloin roast can be a valuable skill because it helps to save money. When meat is bought in roasts rather than pre-cut it generally saves around $2 a pound of meat which adds up fast. It will also result in a better tasting cut of steak knowing that no one else touched the steak.

Step 1: Buying a Top Sirloin Roast

The first thing that will need to be done is to go to a local butcher shop or grocery store and purchase a top sirloin roast. Really anywhere that sells in whole roasts will turn out well. Any grade of meat will suffice it just depends on personal preference.

Step 2: Prepare the Cutting Area

Then a cutting area will need to be prepared with a garbage can, table, cutting board, and a sharp knife. Don’t forget to have a sink nearby as well to clean up at the end and any dirty hands. One thing to make sure not to do is cut on metal surfaces without a cutting board because otherwise, the knives will get dull.

Step 3: Trim the Roast

Now that the cutting area is set up start cutting excess fat and sinew off of the roast. This will help to make sure that there won’t be any gristle when it is getting grilled and eaten. On occasion, there will be roasts that have very little to no sinew or excess fat to cut off.

Step 4: Find the Knot

Next, find the knot on the roast. This is where there is a buildup of tendon-like tissue and it will be tougher than the rest of the roast itself. The easiest way to find it is to go directly across from the smallest side of the roast.

Step 5: Cut Off the Knot

After the knot has been identified it will need to be cut off. Generally, the knot is about two inches in length, but it does vary. Cut off the knot and save the knot because there will be useable meat off of it. The excess meat can be turned into thicker steaks or into stew meat.

Step 6: Face the Backside

Once the meat is set the meat that was just cut face the backside of the roast. All that needs to be done there is cut off some meat on the backside of the roast. It will then be flat and look nice and clean.

Step 7: Cut the Steaks

Then start cutting the trimmed roast into whatever sized portions is desired. Generally, steaks are cut into a ¾ inch to one-inch sections. Another thing that could be done is slicing the roast after it has been chilled in the freezer and using it for sandwiches.

Step 8: Trimming the Steaks

When the steaks are all cut trim off any extra fat off of the top if there is more fat on the steak than preferred. Normally most butchers will cut at least some of the top cap off so it will look nice. Make sure not to cut off too much so there is no loss in flavor from the fat.

Step 9: Cut the Excess Meat

Now that the steaks are prepared to take the trim and cut it into stew meat or kabob meat, so there is little to no waste of any meat or money. Now that everything is prepared and put away or on the grill have a great day. Enjoy the meat!