Introduction: How to Deadlift Properly

Lifting and exercising is a major life changer. Doctors recommend that

a person should have about 60 minutes of exercise about 3 times a week. If you mindset is right, lifting and exercising becomes an addicting hobby. A core exercise that people often do wrong is the deadlift. It is extremely essential that the form for deadlifting is correct. I have been lifting for about 8 years now, and found most of my information doing hours of research. I do not have a degree of any sort for physical training, but I will say numerous people have come to me for advice, tips, and tricks. I will be demonstrating and explaining in easy following steps on how to correctly deadlift so a person does not harm themselves in the process. In the end, you will be lifting heavier, and ensuring your body is not harmed.


Gym shoes, access to a weight room (LATI Students have free access to

the Wellness Center) workout attire, water.

Step 1: Barbell and Form

The first thing you are going to do is gain access to a gym or

equivalent home set up. Normally at any gym, there should be a rack set that has all the weights, a level ground attached to it, and a barbell on it or close by. To start, grab the barbell and lay it in front of you. If you wish, add light big circular weights to gain clearance from the ground. Stand with your shins almost touching the barbell.

Step 2: Hand Grip

Proper grip is essential when doing this

exercise. If you are too far off on one side, there will be an imbalance of weight distribution and damage to your body is possible. On the barbell, you will see rough metal that runs on most of the bar, 2 really smooth parts of the bar, and rough metal again in the center. On the mid to outer parts of the barbell, locate shallow, smooth grooves. There should be only one on the right side and one on the lefts side. If not, standby for further instructions. These grooves are precise reference marks for your fingers. For males, I recommend sliding your ring finger into these groves. For females, either your pinky fingers can slide onto them, or be just on the inside of these groves. Grab ahold of the bar with your fingers wrapped around the bar like you are carrying a 5 gallon bucket. See attached pictures for reference.

Step 3: Foot Placement and Lower Body Form

After you have a firm grip, here is where form becomes essential. With

your grip sturdy, ensure your shins are almost touching the barbell. Have your feet about shoulder width apart. Ensure you back is straight and not curved (see picture) and you head, chest, and rest of your torso is straight. (See picture) Make your toes point straight out in front of you. Ensure your lower back all the way to up to your neck is straight and tight. DO NOT ROLL YOUR BACK AT ALL!!! Ensure your knees do not buckle inward or outward. Having your whole body tight with a firm grip, stand straight up, keeping the barbell as close to your body as possible. Also, drive through your heals. This means, do not allow the weight to pull you forward and have the front of your feet and toes flex to maintain balance. When fully standing, keep back straight and tight. Attached is a video from the tv series "Family Guy" about what will happen if you roll your back and have improper form.

Step 4: Completion of Repetition

: To complete, slowly lower the barbell back

down to the ground, keeping it as close to your body as possible without touching and keeping your back straight. When the weights and barbell touch the ground, the repetition is complete.

Step 5: Full Instructional Video

Here is the full video of instruction on how to properly deadlift.