How to Deal With Death Properly

Introduction: How to Deal With Death Properly

Have you ever lost someone very close and important to your life (yes a pet does count as well)? All you need to do to mourn properly is to follow these simple, yet effective steps.

Step 1: Cry

Crying during death is normal and healthy. If you can, cry as much as you can. It is perfectly normal and natural after a death of a loved one.

Step 2: Acceptance

After crying for a couple hours, cry again. You really need to accept that your loved one is really gone. Try by saying he or she is not here anymore. Say that he or she has gone to the other side. Crying is normally followed by this exercise.

Step 3: Help From Family Members

Slowly stop the waterworks and ease the pain by distracting yourself from the death. Your family could help you out. Go out with them to a theme park and have fun. It is important that you try to get your mind off your loved one. If you find something that reminds you of your loved one, it is okay for you to cry. Your family will comfort your loss.

Step 4: Eat

With a big loss in your life, your family won't know what to do but just buy you a lot of food and other stuff for you to help you out in life. They think food can get your mind off the death. This may or may not work, but just drown the pain with food.

Step 5: Survive Through the Funeral

During the funeral, you are going to cry. This is inevitable. Your family is going to be crying as well. It is normal that you don't want him or her to be buried (I felt the same way). The whole event of the funeral will go by slowly in your mind, but ends sooner than you think because you don't want to feel the pain for a long time. After the funeral is over, you will either return home or to one of your family member's house to relieve the pain. At this point, you can either be happy, sad, or a mixture of both.

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    the great gardener
    the great gardener

    9 years ago

    I watch a documentary on obesity and most of them over ate because of a death in the family.:(

    I would like to add that the Funeral staff are often a great help in dealing with grief. Most are trained in councelling. Also there are many resources that can help.


    9 years ago

    You should have added one more. It should've said "Don't allow people to tell you how to handle it, because everyone handles it differently and there is no right/wrong to it.

    Dominic Bender
    Dominic Bender

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Sure, but a way that's wrong for one might be right for another. Personally, I'd say it's good to give advice or relate how oneself handled such a case in the past, what helped and what did not, but it is important to remember that it may not be what the other person really needs. I.e. advise, not lecture.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.