Introduction: How to Deal With Laptop/Notebook Overheating

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Laptop overheating can cause severe damage. Sudden shutdown failures or randomly appearing screens of death could mean you're smothering your notebook. My last notebook literally melted on my bed as I blocked up its cooling fans on my pillow.

This expensive (and time consuming) lesson taught me to respect the little vents built into the bottom and sides of all notebooks.

Rather than purchase one of many fancy notebook stands available on the market, I decide to hack my existing veggie rack/tray and this has become the most comfortable invention ever for 'vegging' with your notebook on the sofa or in bed.

I call it my 'knee-breather' - it's a knee cooler notebook stand and I can't live without mine.

They're so easy to make (get your mother or wifes ok ahead of storming into the kitchen and hijacking her vegetable rack).

I hope you'll enjoy yours as much as I love mine !

Step 1: Gather Your Equipment

You'll need:

1. One plastic tray (vegetable rack type or office paper tray type)
2. Pen
3. Knife
4. Ruler
5. Your notebook (to trace vent configuration)

Step 2: Flip Over Your Notebook & Find Cooling Vents

Turn your notebook upside down and look at the position of the vents

Step 3: Mark the Vent Holes

Take care to remember that you are working with a 'mirror' image (ie the upside down flipside) of the notebook and carefully mark the positons of the vents on the plastic tray.

Step 4: Cut Out Vent Holes

Cut out your vents using a sharp knife (or heat up the blade if you like - this makes cutting easier)

Step 5: Cut ALL Holes to Air Vents

Continue cutting till all the vents are free and exposed

Step 6: Put Notebook on Stand

You're done ! Simply put the notebook on the stand - VOILA !

Step 7: Added Frills

To 'pimp' your knee cooler or knee breather -

How about using cable-ties to tidy up your notebook cables or accessories ?

Here I have my portable storage firmly attached to the sides (allowing slack for easy removal)

Step 8: Done

You're done ! Well done and enjoy hours of notebook use on your sofa or bed without COOKING your motherboard !

My knee breather (knee cooler) grips my notebook and so I haven't worried about any form of attaching velcro underneath it but I reckon that might be an idea for the future.


Velcro stuck into the underside 'cavity' of the tray can firmly hold USB hubs and cables in place.

(My 'vegetable tray' has gutters, and these are perfect for my portable storage drives - I recommend finding a tray with similar 'gutters' - they're very handy !)