Introduction: Airline Ultra Light Packing - Backpack Replacement

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Sometimes weight restrictions airlines impose for luggage can make life difficult for budget travellers and backpackers. Getting rid of extra weight can be an option. This is how I saved 8 kgs by ditching the bag itself.

Step 1: Ditch the Bag

Get a wrap of light weight 'parachute' nylon material

Step 2: Materials Required

You'll need:

1. Sufficient nylon 'parachute' material

2. Cling wrap

Step 3: Nylon 'parachute' Material

Ultra light 'parachute' material is multifunctional.

I've traveled with a piece 8m x 2m (weight = 500grams) & have used it for many things including:

1. replacing my backpack
2. hammock
3. tent
4. summer 'sleeping bag'
.... etc, etc, etc.

Step 4: Fold Material to Suitable Size

Depending on how much luggage you have - start by laying the sheet out to pack your stuff onto it.

Allow enough space for wrapping up, to cover your goodies.

Step 5: Pack

Add your fragile stuff to the middle of the bundle.

Step 6: Completely Packed ?

When you're done, just cover up !

Step 7: Roll Up

Simply roll up and voila !

Step 8: Plastic Wrap

Cling wrap your 'bundle' with plastic film and you can be as 'generous' as you wish with applying layers until the whole bundle is protected.

Step 9: The End

In the end, you'll have your 'luggage' in a bundle.

This saves about 8 - 10 kgs. (the weight of the backpack itself)

PS - if you wish you can 'cling wrap' a handle into the bundle for easier carrying.

Basic, but effective for those desperate to save weight !

Bon Voyage ...