How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Introduction: How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

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Every year friends and family comment on how much they love our tree. So, for anyone that wants to achieve the same look , I created this simple tutorial for how I go about decorating our tree.
Of course, everyone has their own taste. Feel free to adapt or keep it simple.

Tree stand
Tree base cover
Tree topper
Lights: I have 4 strands of white and 4 strands of red LED 150 count
Garland : I have red beads and silver bamboo garland .
For a 7 ft tree : 6 10ft red bead garlands and 6 12ft
Silver garlands
Bows : I have 2 sets of 12 bows
Bulbs: 50 silver bulbs , any size. However, when I use small to medium size , I use wire to gather them into bunches of 3.
Ornaments: This is where you get to do your own thing. I have 1000s of ornaments, so I use different ones from year to year.
Kid friendly ornaments on the bottom. Fragile ornaments on the top.

Step 1: Decorating

First add one color of lights , then add the second set . Evenly distribute the lights. I put up the lights , then walk away and view the tree from a distance. Are there too many or too few in any areas? Just redistribute them .
Secondly, I add the first garland. Do not put on the garland in a straight line . Add in a wavy line . Step back to insure even distribution. Then add the second garland . The second garland goes in between the rows of the first. Again, add in a wavy line.
Now , it’s time to add the bows. Because I have two sets of bows, I add one set, then add the second set in the spaces between the first.
After the bows, I add the silver ornaments. I have 2 types. Some are large and added as single ornaments. The other are groups of 3 medium bulbs that are wired together. Fill those in between the bows.
Now , you get to do your own thing. You can stop now or ad personal ornaments into the remaining spaces.


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