Introduction: How to Decoupage With Paper Napkins

Decoupaging with napkins is an easy DIY project that doesn’t require any special tools.

It can be a great activity for kids or an opportunity to upgrade any article you want: A jar, A vase, A candle-holder or A box.

You can buy a cheap, simple jar for example and in a short time and not so much effort- make it a beautiful, decorated jar.

Step 1: Materials Needed for Decoupaging With Napkins

1. Decorated napkin. (You can buy it at the supermarket\ party shop \ art shop).

2. The article you would like to decorate- A jar, vase, box, etc.

3. Scissors.

4. Glue (It could be napkins glue\glass glue if you do it on glass\wood glue if you decorate wood).

5. Brush.

Step 2: Preparing Decoupage Napkins

Separate all layers of the napkin until you have just one layer. Then, keep the top layer (the one with the decorations on it).

Notice: some napkins will have 2 or 3 layers- make sure you stay only with the top layer, it's crucial.

Step 3: Spreading Glue on the Article

Brush a small amount of glue on the whole article.

Notice: Don’t put too much glue- the decoupage is very thin and when doing the next step, it can be ripped.

Step 4: The Crucial Step- Placing the Napkin

Slowly smooth the napkin over the article- Some people like the texture of a few creases but the main idea is to keep napkin as stretched as we can.

  • When you get to where the edges meet- Cut off the extra napkin (Try not to get too much overlap).
  • If you have extra napkin on the top, just cut it off and apply some glue to secure it down.

Step 5: Sealing Decoupage Decor

Apply one more layer of glue over the decoupage you just placed on the article.

Step 6: Drying Time

Wait for two hours until it dries.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Upgraded Article :)