Introduction: How to Design and Construct an Inverter System

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Inverter System have evolved from secondary power source,to the major power supply source.
Due to its efficiency and green house friendly, most people are switching from generator use to inverter use.
Engineers, Electronics enthusiast, hobbyist and Technologist all over the globe are working earnestly to develop one.
In this article, I will preset to you,how you can Design and construct an inverter system.

Step 1: List of Materials and Tools for Use

The very first thing to consider,before developing the System,is to list the materials for assembly.

Step 2: Refer to Our YouTube Video

The System has been made and you can watch the step to step on YouTube via the link below.

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

Follow the circutory in order to implement the system

Step 4: Solder the Components

Follow the circutory and solder the components

Step 5: Cast the Signal Generated

Using a digital oscilloscope, cast the signal generated

Step 6: Test the Circutory

Test the circuit, coupling the transformer to it

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