Introduction: How to Do 90's on Console

These 9 steps will teach you how to do a 90 and use it tactically in the game of Fortnite Battle Royale

Step 1: Acquiring a Console and Controller

Acquire a console of some sort an Xbox, PS 4, or Nintendo switch will work. Make sure you have the controller for the type of console you have.

Step 2: Knowing How to Build

When you connect to Fortnite go to the settings and check what is most suitable for you to build. (My preference is Builder Pro)

Step 3: Safe Haven

Go into a creative server this will be a safe place for you to practice. The Block or Island 1,2 and 3 are also the best places to practice.

Step 4: Starting 90's

Open your building menu as you have seen how to on do so in your settings. Start with a wall in your building menu.

Step 5: 1st 90

Build 2 walls that form a 90 degree angle (Reason for name of strategy). This will be your first step towards accomplishing a 90 in Fortnite.

Step 6: Completion

Use your building guide as a reference and switch to your ramp. Build a ramp at a position were one of the wall's you previously built is in front of it.

Step 7: Gaining High Ground

Repeat the previous steps and build a 90 above your first one. This will give you "High Ground" in a game and give you a tactical advantage.

Step 8: A Better Way

Once you have practiced and mastered the first method better way to stabilize your structure. This method will take some more practice but the result will be better. You simply put a floor first before your ramp and it will defend your structure better.

Step 9: Tactical Advantage

Once you know that you are good at this method and you are confident at it you can use it in a real game. If you engage in a build battle gain high ground on them by using 90's and shoot them from above this will tactically give you an advantage.