How to Do Awesome Closing Magic Trick

Introduction: How to Do Awesome Closing Magic Trick

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how to do awesome closing magic trick

in this instructable I will show you how to do a awesome closing magic trick with a deck of cards, this trick is really mind blowing so I recommend adding it to the end of your magic routines

Step 1: What You Need

you will need

1: a 1 way force deck (deck of cards where all cards are the same, could be bought at any magic store or online)

2: a normal deck of cards

3: a paper and pen

4: a big box

Step 2: The Setup

take your 1 way force deck and put it in the card box. then take your normal deck and put the king of diamonds on the top. Then you must write the king of diamonds on the paper, and fold it up. finally put everything in the big box.

Step 3: Forcing the Card

pull out the normal deck and force the king of diamonds on the spectator. (shown how to do in the video)

Step 4: Finding the Card

pretend to try to find the card but purposely mess up.

Step 5: The Switch

while acting annoyed that you messed up you mention to the spectator that You did know what their card was and that you have a prediction to prove it. reach into the box to grab the prediction and switch the deck to the one way force deck as you grab the prediction.

Step 6: The Finally

open the prediction to show the king of diamonds on the prediction and then snap your fingers and show that all the cards changed into the king of diamonds.

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    Lol i have a queen of spades force deck. and yes i know how i can do it with that one. A trick i use for MY closing act, is david blaine's bitten and restored quater trick.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Yeah! David blanes bite out quarter is really powerful! I would probubly use it for a opening effect rather than a closing but if it fits your style than thats cool!