Introduction: How to Do Henna

Here's how to do henna by yourself at home - or with your friends.

You'll need to buy a tube of henna - one tube should be enough for a large henna design or three simpler designs.

Henna comes in different colors too - usually maroon, black, or brown.

Here are a few examples on amazon -




Other things you will need:

  • a napkin
  • a wash cloth
  • a hair dryer or some form of heat
  • a spatula or scraper
  • (optional: a little bit of coconut or olive oil)

Step 1: Think of a Design.

Google images has tons of design ideas if you need some inspiration. It helps to get an idea of what you will do by practicing with a pencil on paper first. You can also draw on your skin with a washable marker for pieces of the design you don't feel confident putting ink on first. Use the henna right next to the marker line, not on top of it.

Some search ideas:

Henna on palms

Henna on hands

Henna on feet

Henna on shoulders

Henna design ideas

Simple henna designs

Step 2: Make Your Henna Design.

If it won't come out, snip the end of your henna cone at an angle. Only a TINY snip. Then hold the cone and gently squeeze out the henna while moving it in the shape of your design. Try not to touch the wet henna. It will dry soon. Leave it to dry for a few hours.

You can leave it over night, if the henna is on your feet- after it dries put socks over the dry henna and sleep. Or you can wrap it in a napkin and saran wrap.

Step 3: Remove the Henna.

To make removing the henna easier and less painful you can rub a tiny bit of coconut or olive oil over the dried henna. Then use a scraper or spatula to scrape off the dried henna.

Wait a few hours before getting the henna wet. It's ok if you do get it wet, but waiting first for the dye to settle in will make it darker and last a bit longer.

The color will be light at first but it will darken after 2 days. Your henna should last 2 - 3 weeks.