Introduction: How to Do Laundry at Alfred State

What you will need


dryer sheets

This is your guide to clean clothes.

Step 1: the Start

Put all dirty laundry into a hamper or basket.

Step 2: Make Sure You Have Everything!

Look around your dorm room to make sure there isn't any dirty clothes on your floor and grab your laundry detergent.

Step 3: the Walk

Grab your hamper/basket and laundry detergent and walk down to the laundry room that is in your dorm.

Step 4: Separate

Separate your whites from your dark's and put the whites in one washer and dark's in a different washer.

Step 5: Dertergent

Close the door to your washer and in the top left corner of the washer there is a drawer if you pull that out you will see where to put your detergent. Next take the cap off your detergent and fill the cap to the fill line that is on the cap. Then pour into the container that says laundry detergent when done close the drawer.

Step 6: "Paying for the Washer"/ Starting the Washer

It is free but you have to activate the washer by swiping your Alfred State ID card on the key pad. First you punch in the number of your washer into the key pad then swipe your card. Then walk over to your washer and hit the button that says whites or dark's then you are done.

Step 7: The Wait

Set a timer, return your laundry detergent and grab your your dryer sheets.

Step 8: Switching Laundry to the Dryer

Grab the clothes from the washer and carry them to the dry and place in the dryer. If you want you can put whites and dark's together, personally i do not mix whites and dark's in the dryer.

Step 9: Maintenace

Clean the lint out of the lint trap that is located just inside of the door to the dryer.

Step 10: Finishing Touches

Add some dryer sheets to the load then walk to the key pad and punch in your dryer number and swipe your ID then walk back to the dryer and press the button that says whites and dark's.

Step 11: All Done

When the dryer has stopped grab your clothes and put them in your hamper/basket. Then bring them up to your dorm and fold them then put them away.