Introduction: How to Do Something Simple: Make Tea

GOAL: Today your task is to plan out a very simple procedural text. You will provide the instructions and visual supports for someone to follow and complete a simple task.
You can choose from the following suggestions;
1. how to open, walk through and close a door,
2. how to download a phone app,
3. how to fill a bottle with water,
4. how to do a chin-up (or other simple exercise in gym),
5. suggest a simple task to Mr Haskett for approval.

Step 1: Planning

Before you are able to make your instructions you will need to plan!
1: go to OneNote or ask for hard copy
2: use the scaffold to breakdown each step
3: access the PowerPoint resource for info on the features of procedures for support
4: see Mr Haskett with your plan to get an iPad.

Step 2: Creating

Once you've finished your plan and collected an iPad you can start creating!
Each step will need a visual to support your step by step instructions
Each step will include the language features and structure of a procedure (see PowerPoint resource to refresh)
You can access a 'how to' for using the instructables website on OneNote (how to add photos, how to add steps etc.)

Step 3: Example Step 1

Ensure kettle is full with water.

Step 4: Example Step 2

Place kettle back on stand and turn on to bring to boil

Step 5: Example Step 3

Collect the cup, tea bag, spoon and sugar (if desired), while waiting for water to boil.

Step 6: Example Step 4

Place the teabag in the cup and ensure the teabag tag must be kept on the outside of the cup. This will prevent burns by removing the tag from boiling water.

Add the desired amount of sugar, using the spoon.

Step 7: Example Step 5

Once the kettle has boiled, carefully pour into the cup and fill until approximately 1cm from the top.

Step 8: Example Step 6

Allow teabag to sit in boiling water for approximately 30 seconds or longer to strengthen tea to taste.

Step 9: Example Step 7

Carefully remove the teabag using the spoon and squeeze any remaining water out into the cup.

Step 10: Example Step 8

Add milk (if desired) to taste and stir in using the spoon.

Step 11: Example Step 9

Carefully enjoy your tea (add a biscuit or other snack if desired)