Introduction: How to Do Your Eyebrow Make-Up Like a Pro!!!

These instructions are to show you how to do your eyebrow make- up like a pro!

Applying make- up to your eyebrows is done to make them stand out more, or as much as you would like them to. Some women use make- up on their eyebrows instead of going to get their eyebrows arched at the nail salon every two weeks because it saves them a lot of money $$$!!! Learning these techniques will prevent you from spending money, and it can benefit you by knowing how to do it yourself. By the time you’re done reading these instructions, you’ll know everything about applying make-up to your eyebrows! LET’S BEGIN!!

Supplies needed: These are the supplies you will need. (You can find these items at your local Beauty supply store.)

· Eyebrow Concealer

· Brown- Eyebrow Pencil

· Eyebrow brush and comb

· A Blender

· Foundation

Step 1: Fill in Your Eyebrows With Your Eyebrows Pencil

·Make sure your pencil is sharpened to a point. Begin to outline your eyebrows. Make sure that both are outlined a mirror image to each other. Once you are done outlining your eyebrows, you can now start filling them in until your whole eyebrow is completely filled.

Step 2: Apply Your Eyebrow Concealer.

The eyebrow concealer is used to outline the eyebrow to fix any mistakes and cover up the little hairs that are out of place around your eyebrow. Make sure your arch is going upward, but not too far up or you’ll look like a clown.

Step 3: Blend Your Eyebrow Concealer.

Use the brush to spread the concealer outward away from your eyebrow so that it can blend in with your skin and create a fade.

Step 4: Apply Your FOUNDATION.

With your foundation comes a circle- shaped sponge. Dip the sponge on to the foundation and rub it all around your face (including eye lids and between your eyebrows), be very careful and do not smudge or get any foundation on or too close to your eyebrow make up.

Step 5: SNAP IT UP!!!

Take a gorgeous selfie on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, whatever social media to your liking, and show everyone your beautiful eyebrow make-up. Be sure to mention you did them on your own!!

Thank You Enjoy!!!