Introduction: How to Do a French Braid

Hi guys! In this step-by-step process, you will be learning how to French braid your hair. There are pictures that correspond to the steps provided, but also a video located in step 11 to show you the entire process. I hope you enjoy!


1. Hairbrush

2. Hair tie

3. Hair, lol!

Step 1: Brush Your Hair

In order to make it easier to braid your hair, start off by brushing it all the way through to make sure there are no tangles.

Step 2: Choose Your Part

Second, choose the part in which you want your hair to go. You can use your natural part or choose to have no part at all. For this tutorial, I will be using my natural side part.

Step 3: We Will Now Separate the Hair Into Top and Bottom Halves. You Should Leave a Little More Hair in the Bottom Portion Because That Is the Section We Will Be Grabbing From.

We will now separate the hair into top and bottom halves. You should leave a little more hair in the bottom portion because that is the section we will be grabbing from.

Step 4: Divide Your Hair

We will divide the top part of our hair into three sections. When divided, there should be a right, middle, and left section.

Side note: In order to make these next few steps easier, I hold the part of the hair I will not be using under my chin so that it is out of my way and I won’t get confused.

Step 5: First Movement to the Middle

To start, take the (your) right section of your hair and move it over to the middle. It is important to move the section over (above) the next one, and not under, to give us a French braid. This will put the once was right section into the middle and the middle section now the right one.

Step 6: Left Side Now

Next, you will take the (still) left section and move it over into the middle. Now we have completed one whole rotation.

Side note: I put the right section of my hair under my chin in order to move the left one into the middle a little easier. You can keep doing this while braiding to help you.

Step 7: Time to Add in Hair

We have completed a full rotation so we will start by rotating the side pieces to the middle, but when we do, we will be adding more hair. Imitating step 4, take the right section and pull in some hair from the bottom portion when we move it to the middle. Be sure not to take too much or else it will be too thick and come out uneven.

Side note: You can hold the section of hair you are not using under your chin as we did in the last step to keep from getting confused.

Step 8: Left Side Again

Now, take the left section of your hair and add more form the bottom (as we just did) as you rotate over to the middle. Depending on how much hair you have, you may need to repeat steps 7 and 8 until there is no more hair remaining in the bottom section.

Step 9: Regularly Braid Your Hair

When there is no more hair to add from the bottom section, you will begin to braid your hair normally, rotating in the same direction. We do this to make sure the braid looks as smooth as possible.

Step 10: Finish It Off

With the finished French braided look, we will end the braid by closing it off with a hair tie. After doing this, you can pull out any desired hair from the sides of your face to give it some shape.

Step 11: French Braid Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial on how to French braid