Introduction: How to Do a Makeup Base

This is basically a run down of how I do my makeup base everyday.





-Loose Powder

-Eyebrow Pomade

- Eyebrow Gel

-Bronzer and Contour Powders



Step 1: Prime and Moisturize

I cannot stress enough starting out moisturizing your face will make your life one thousand times easier. Applying a moisturizer will help any dry patches you might have. After applying, you are going to apply a primer. This will help to fill in your pores and create a smooth base.

Step 2: Eyebrows

This step is pretty self-explanatory. Fill in your eyebrows the way you would. Start from the ends (preferably the bottom part) and draw the shape you want your eyebrows to be. Shade in the ends and then feather out to the fronts. You do not want the fronts of your brows to be as dark as the ends to make the perfect ombre. This step does not need to be perfect as we are going to clean them up with concealer.

Step 3: Carving Out the Brows

Starting on the bottom of the brows you are going to essentially clean up any of the pomade that shouldn't be there. Get as close to the bottom line of your brow as possible. The key here is to look at yourself in an up close mirror and then to look at one from a distance. What you see up close, might not look the same far away. After you have cleaned up the bottom, you can move to the top of the brows. This is basically the same for the top as it was the bottom. Get as close to the top as you can and make sure your arch is still there.

Step 4: Foundation and Concealer

For your eyelids, when you are done cleaning up your brows, put down a little bit of the concealer to cancel out the discoloration (if you have veiny eyelids like me.) Set it with some powder.

For foundation, you are going to first start by outlining the top of the brow to blend your foundation and concealer gracefully. Dot your foundation on your forehead, both cheeks, nose and chin. Use a beauty sponge or brush to spread the product to cover your face.

For concealer, you are going to want to place this ONLY on the places you wanted highlighted or need extra coverage. For example: under eye area, forehead, chin, and above your jawline. You are going to blend these areas out the same way you did the foundation. Take your time and make sure everything is smooth and blended.

Step 5: Setting Part 1

All of the places you have put concealer need to be set ASAP. If not set, you will get creases. Pack loose powder under the eyes FIRST. We will come back Setting everything else later.

Step 6: Contour

For the nose contour, it all depends on what shape you want your nose to be. I go for a more button-like shape. To achieve this, I like to place my contour on the bottom of my nose to make it appear more turned up. I then make the bridge of my nose skinnier by placing the powder along the edge of the sides of my nose.

For the cheeks, make a fish face and bring the powder towards the center of your face.

Step 7: Setting Part 2

This is where we are going to finish setting the face. Now that you have contoured your nose and cheeks, you need to clean it up.

For the nose, you are going to take the powder and pack it really close to the contour you have placed (shown in picture from step 6.) This helps show the difference between the highlights and contours you are wanting to accentuate.

For the cheeks, under where your contour is you are going to want to make a line of powder from the start of your ear to the side of your mouth.

Your forehead can be set with a little bit of powder since it shouldn't crease.

Step 8: Highlight and Blush

For highlight, I place it on my nose, inner corner, brow bone and cheeks.

For the nose, I make a line down the bridge and place a dot of highlight at the tip to still make it look like a button nose. On my cheeks, I place highlight on the high points, or the areas where light will reflect off.

For blush I place it on the apples of my cheeks and the end of my nose to give off the look I am freezing cold.

These are my last steps and I am finished.