Introduction: How to Do a Roundoff Backflip

After doing these steps you will hopefully be able to do a roundoff backflip. the only thing you need for this is a open space and if you have it a trampoline or maybe a soft ground.


It is almost like a cartwheel but faster and less steps with you hands.

Step 2: Getting Hight With Your Jumps

Jump as high and as hard as you possible can.

Step 3: Getting the Feeling of Going Backwards Over Your Head

jump high and then land on your back and if you can, go from you back over your head to your feet. to get the feeling of a backflip.

Step 4: Getting the Feeling of a Backflip

try to do this. if you can't don't worry because it is just to get the feeling.

Step 5: Backhand Spring

this is again just to get the feeling of it.

Step 6: Backflip on the Trampoline

now send it and don't forget to tuck your legs in and swing your arms and jump high and land.

Step 7: Jumping High on Ground

Make sure you also jump high on the ground because otherwise you won't get high enough. I for example do one step backwards before I jump so I just get a little bit more momentum (I only do this when I do a back flip without a round off).

Step 8: Back Hand Spring With One Hand

Just try doing a back hand spring with one hand to get over the fear of going over your head.

Step 9: Back Flip on Ground

this is a big step but you will really just have to send it. Just make sure you get enough hight, swing your arms, tuck and land. Don't go to the next step before you actually land it.

Step 10: Round Off Back Hand Spring With One Hand

just do a back hand spring after a round off to again get the feel of what you are going to do.

Step 11: Get Hight

Get enough hight after the round off until you feel comfortable to do the back flip.

Step 12: Round Off Back Flip

now you have to do the back flip with the momentum you get from the round off. And Just Send It (but make sure if you have the opportunity try to do it on a softer ground first).