Introduction: How to Draw Anything Using 3D Pen

3D Pen is one of the interesting innovations which has multiple application for designers, students, disabled people etc. Students have been using it to create 3D drawings since long.

For beginners, it takes a bit of time to get the strokes correctly. To further ease the process, we are writing this instructable to enable you to draw almost anything using the 3D Pen.

Here we come up with 3d drawing using a 3d pen. It is very simple and interesting to draw anything and it's become real as you draw.

Skills: Beginner


  • 3D Printing pen
  • Sketch pen
  • White sheet

Step 1: Draw a Stencils

Draw stencils of any design you want to 3D print using sketch pen or marker on a white sheet.

Or, on the other hand, you can utilize clip arts of Microsoft office as your stencils.

Otherwise, you can download innumerable clip arts from the net.

Step 2: Loading Filament

Click on the power button to begin 3d pen.

Then start loading filament by pressing filament feeding button given on 3d pen.

You can see the red light on the 3d pen, it shows the heating begins.

At the point when the red light turns to blue, it shows the pen is ready to print.

Step 3: Ready to Print.

Hold your 3D pen like an normal pen.

Align your pen along the outline and press the extrude button.

The 3D pen should be placed closely to the paper. As filament starts extruding, start tracing the outline with the 3D pen.

Make sure the design must continue with filament no breaks are taken in between. If any break appear in between, do a thick joint there and later trim it with cutter.

Once entire outline is traced, pull out the 3d print from all sides slowly to prevent breaking.

Repeat the steps to draw with 3D pen almost anything.

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