Introduction: How to Draw Bloom From Winx Club (Sirenix Transformation)

I had so much fun making my first instructable, that I decided to make the second one on the next day ))). I thought I would draw a character from "Winx Club", because I didn't find a single fairy drawing on Instructables. I guess mine will be the first one :). Of course, I drew Bloom- my favorite character. Since one of the best and most beautiful transformations is Sirenix, I decided to draw Bloom's sirenix. Let's get started!

Step 1: Make a Sketch!

The first step (at least that's always my first step) is drawing the head. Next draw the neck and shoulders. After that you should have something like the first picture...

Then, draw the arms and half of the body. I draw it lightly, so I can easily erase it if I draw something wrong. The next step is the hair. It's a little complicated...I draw the hair by the ear first, and then get to the rest. Draw her ponytail and the top part of her outfit.

Next, it's time to draw the wings. I think they look a little like a comb))).

Draw her eyes, too. Maybe I'll make another instructable on how to draw eyes... They start like a triangle and end like a square, sort of :). Draw the skirt and make stripes on her hair. The next step is coloring it in!

Step 2: Start Coloring!

Traditionally, I always color in the eyes first. Bloom's eyes are "Blue lagoon", something between green and blue. Color the stripes in her hair before the rest of the hair, so you don't accidentally color the whole thing with one color. Trace the wings and color the skirt.

Then, take a red marker and make some stripes on her hair. Make sure you leave a lot of blank space between the stripes. Color those parts in orange. It'll give the picture a "fire-like" look.If some places are still left blank, make them yellow, to make the whole thing a bit brighter.

Make the top of the outfit blue, and the lower part pink. The space between them should be purple. It's like the pink and blue parts mix...The two "spots" on her outfit are light pink. Color her entire body with the color "Blush", and you're almost done!

Step 3: DECORATE!!!

You can do anything you like to decorate, but I usually like to draw the character's name (and possibly stars around it :D). I wrote her name, and "Sirenix" under it, to make it look pretty. I also published the video on my YouTube. It's a little long (6 minutes), but you can watch it if you like. If you like it, please check out my other videos too and subscribe for my channel.

Thanks for watching!!!

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