Introduction: How to Draw a Picture of Earth From Space in Oil Pastel

In this Instructable I am going to show you how to make a picture of Earth from Space.



Oil Pastels

Step 1: Getting Ready

When you want to make a picture of Earth you can pull up a picture of Earth and add your own details or you can just use your imagination. What you want to do when doing art is focus and have fun. It doesn't matter if anybody likes your drawing or not it is what makes you happy. When you use oil pastels you want to start off with the light colors and go hard on the paper you can smudge around the colors and and make what you like. In the picture you want to add in the darker colors after you smudge around the lighter colors.

Step 2: Drawing Earth

When you start drawing start with the blue and smudge around and add green. Scrape away some areas of Earth and add clouds. Add clouds around the outside of Earth. If you are happy with what you have then start with the sun. Add in orange and yellow and smudge it around. If you are happy with that then add in black for the space. You don't need to go hard with the oil pastels for the black but add it in so you can smudge it around. If you are happy with it you can add stars. Put down some white dots and put yellow on top of it. If you are happy with it you are done.

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