Introduction: How to Make a Rocket in Auto CAD

Hello everyone! In this instructable I will be teaching you how to build a rocket in Auto CAD. What you will need in this Instructable is:


    • A Computer
    • AutoCAD
    • Access to a 3D Printer

    Step 1: Using Auto CAD

    When you log into Auto CAD you will want to make a new drawing in 3D modeling. When you open that up you will want to start by making a cylinder. You can make this cylinder with any dimensions that you want but for mine I made it 1 wide. Choose the height you would like to make your rocket I made mine 4 up. After you have made the cylinder you will want to duplicate it 2 times so you have 3 copies of the cylinder. What you want to do next is find the center of 2 of the cylinders and make cones on top of them. Make the cones as wide as the cylinders and make the cones as tall as you want and make them even. Find the center of the other cylinder and add a cone the same size on top of that. Next use press pull on the cone and make the top flat. Find the center of the cone and make a cylinder as wide as the top of the cone. You can make the cylinder as tall as you want but for mine I made it 2 tall. Next make a copy of the flat top cone 2 times and flip 1 of them over. Next put the flipped over cone on top of the cylinder. Then find the center of the cone and make a cylinder on top of the cone and make it as wide as the cone I Recommend making the cylinder 0.5 tall. Next find the center of the cylinder and put the cone on top of it. Make sure all of the pieces are touching and in the right places by zooming in on the edge of the cylinder and connecting them. Then take the union tool and press all of the pieces. Next make the boosters any size you want and make sure you have enough of them. Then make the fins and make sure you have enough of those too. Then click on the command bar below and type in stlout. It will ask you to select the objects and then select them and click off of them.and it will ask yes or no and click yes.

    Step 2: Printing It

    Go to your 3D printer and select the file you would like to print. Size the rocket to the size you would like and then print it.

    Step 3: All Done

    Now that the rocket is printed glue the pieces together. Now you have a cool new rocket to show to your friends!

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